This is my fate to fall!!

On this painful and steep journey many a salvation I've left without been noticed
The anguish only in my sight have stabbed my immature heart and torn it down
Slowly I came to lose the ability to tell each other, and was pushed off the depths of despair

All the same, that infernal flame you gave birth keeps on blazing furiously
On each case, this internal blame I take invites to a downfall curiously
Even if your betrayal is spun into oblivion easily, I'll never forgive and forget

Sink to 濁り沈む澱みの中で
扉の向こう 待ち受ける底なしの
苦痛が手招く Tartarus

Bring me down!!

Thick as wall, that barrier continues to block my path
This closure suggests to the disclosure of my powerlessness

Like flames of hell, the malice burns me to the ground

最期の瞬間 とうに心は擦り切れ膝は折られてしまった
浅はかな願いだけが荒れ果てた心に渦巻いて 喧騒の中へと消えてゆく

扉は開かれ 抜け出すことの叶わぬ
苦痛が手招く世界へ Curtain fall